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Released: 4th April 2005.

Melanie C - Next Best Superstar"Northern Star" was an unexpected big success. Then "Reason" became an unexpected big flop. Now flying alone under her own independent record label, Melanie C releases "Next Best Superstar", the first single to be lifted from her third album "Beautiful Intentions". Even though it's not something that hasn't been done before, the truth is that this guitar-driven pop number is captivating. An ironic vision of the music industry and its pop wannabes, Melanie's unmistakable vocals sound at her best through the tune's angry verses and the infectious, uplifting chorus. A welcome return from one of the UK's finest female singers, and deserving of a big hit.

* * * * * (Xevi)

Melanie C has returned after recently being dropped by EMI, but her new single is no better in my opinion. "Next Best Superstar" is a very boring song that has no appeal. The chorus is repeated several times to fit in with the verses, but it adds little to the song. I wish she would go back to her old roots where we had brilliant numbers such as "Never Be The Same Again" and "I Turn To You". If she can't lift her status soon, everyone will lose interest in this girl who, in my opinion, had the best voice of the Spice Girls. It's fair to say that this will chart even worse than "Melt / Yeh Yeh Yeh" did two years ago.

* * (Shane Hamblin)

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