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Released: 4th April 2005.

Feeder - Feeling A MomentAfter the disappointing "Tumble And Fall", "Feeling A Moment" is classic Feeder, but nothing hugely different for them. A breezy, melodic chorus with plenty of catchy hooks makes it instantly appealing, but Grant Nicholas' beautiful vocals and interesting lyrics, alongside the wonderful guitar work, make this a fine return to form.

* * * * * (Paul Matthews)

Onto single number two from their 2005 album, and if you thought "Tumble And Fall" was a great ballad, this one is truly a lighters-in-the-air moment. OK, so it's hardly the most groundbreaking of singles, but it's a very pleasant ballad. Expect this to give them a second Top 10 hit of the year if things go right for them.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

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