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Released: 4th April 2005.

Just when you thought Shirley Manson and the boys of Garbage had called it quits, they're back sounding as hot as ever with their latest release "Why Do You Love Me". Shirley proves once more she really has that star quality and love for music, plodding through bouncy verses to reach an explosive chorus. As untouchable as she is though, there's still that feeling that she wouldn't quite make it as the next Gwen Stefani out of the band. Nevertheless, it's been a while, but certainly worth the wait. Welcome back!

* * * * (SholasBoy)

After being away for the past few years, Garbage are back, and they're sounding better than ever! After experimenting with electronic styles, this new single brings back the rock side of Shirley Manson and crew, and is instantly catchy without being annoying. Add another big hit to an impressive career, as this will go down as one of their best singles to date.

* * * * (FreakyFlyBry)

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