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Released: 4th April 2005.

Kelis feat. Nas - In PublicI'd like to start off by pointing out that I am no Kelis fan. I appreciate her singles but I've never been convinced to buy her albums. This track is the result of a collaboration between Kelis and husband Nas. The couple married earlier this year and, as if to solidify their union, are releasing this track which is one of Kelis' best efforts. Quite a mellow track, "In Public" chronicles the desire to get raunchy in public places. Kelis' voice, although shrouded by backing vocals, suits the track well and it is very listenable. I like!

* * * * (ollie44)

Kelis has always been the eccentric R&B type, always exploring other genres and incorporating them into her music. Her latest single "In Public" showcases her inner Prince - it sounds at least like something from Prince's great era, with that great, 80s R&B vibe. The song is complete with Kelis' rapper/husband, whose addition to the song gives Kelis some street cred. Although her voice isn't that great over the beat, she does do a convincing job of sounding sexy, and her chemistry between co-collaborator Nas is golden.

* * * (Michael P bronxbadboi)

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