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Released: 4th April 2005.

Elvis Presley - Crying In The ChapelIt seems almost ironic that just two days after Pope John Paul II dies, the Elvis song of choice is about "crying in the chapel", as there's been a lot of that all across the world this weekend. In this song, however, Elvis's tears were tears of joy, as he found the Lord. If they were to press enough copies of this song and make it a charity record, this could have been one of the biggest sellers of the year. Of course, charity status would mean no money going to the Elvis estate, so the chance of that happening is nil.

* * * (matthew_dixon)

Oh great, another Elvis release. Well, thank the Lord, 'cos we're getting to the end. In my eyes, the whole campaign has been a total disaster in terms of Elvis PR, as much of the music buying population who have had little experience of his music have turned against him in the face of this constant barrage of his No. 1s. This particular one isn't that bad, but it really isn't about the music anymore. It's a shame really, as Elvis does have some truly great songs.

* * (ollie44)

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