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Released: 11th September 2000.

Craig David - Born To Do ItSo there is much fuss about Craig David, what with No. 1 singles and all that. But can the album live up to the expectations?

Yes and no. He does sound almost credible, although a bit childlish. The vocals wouldn't be too bad if only he didn't try to hit so many notes at the same time, trying to convince us that he's singing R&B, kind of like Mariah Carey but even worse.

The same with the lyrics really, sometimes you just wish Craig would shut his pretty mouth, so you can listen to those hot arrangements, instead of him mumbling "Craaig Daaviiid" whenever he can. I guess he follows the producers like Wyclef or Rodney Jerkins ("Darkchild") who need to 'trademark' their products. Only that he already marks the tracks as he's the performer. Doh.

But there are some upsides as well... the production is quite fresh and pleasant in general. No 'British R&B' feel to it, which is quite an achievement, maybe apart from the sugary "Once In A Lifetime" that seems too schmeltzy even for Celine Dion. Outstanding tracks include "Rendezvous", "Walking Away" and "Booty Man".

* * * (Aneta Janssen)

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