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Released: 26th June 2000.

Jamelia - DramaHot on the heels of two massive R&B hits, the UK equivalent to Monica introduces her debut album "Drama". Following the fresh yet gimicky sound of hit single "Money" I expected an album based on similar selling points. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by the mature sound throughout along with the quality and interesting production and vocals.

Standout tracks include "Money", "I Do" and "Call Me" as well as the melodic innocense of "Boy Next Door" and contrasting cheekiness of "Room 101". On the face of it, "Drama" doesn't bring anything new to the world of R&B and doesn't quite have the same impact as "Money". However, having written all but one of the 13 tracks (the exception being a cover of BeeGees' classic "Guilty"), Jamelia is one of the UK's big R&B's hopes and destined to shine brighter. A good debut!

* * * * (Craig "CJ" Bethel)

I love Jamelia's singles, so I had high hopes for this album, but to be honest it's a bit bland. She always said that her album would be something new and come as a shock to a lot of people, but it's nothing special. I was really looking forward to it, too (especially as Audiostreet should have got it to me over a week earlier by their own terms), so I was expecting more. There are good tracks, but it's not amazing. But "Not With You" would make a great single.

* * * (DS)

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