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Released: 9th October 2000.

Atomic Kitten - is"Follow Me", the fourth single from the loud-mouthed trio, is a light, mid-tempo tune. The production has a slight R&B edge, which seems to be filtering into many a pop tune these days, and certainly makes the song more credible. Not as memorable as their previous hits, but should be good promotion for their soon to be released debut album "Right Here".

* * * (CJB)

The three Liverpudlian girls are hoping for a fourth UK Top 10 hit with "Follow Me". It's by far their most mature single to date, but rather than growing on you, it gets a bit boring after a couple of weeks. It well struggle to make the Top 10 with this one because it's just a bit too bland. Plus, it hasn't been getting much airplay.

* * * (Ben Cook)

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