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Released: 18th September 2000.

Pink - Can't Take Me HomeMs P!nk was already one step ahead of her rivals in the R&B music scene when she signed to the world-famous LaFace Records and BMGs Arista Records. But it could all still have gone horribly wrong and turned her bosses faces the same colour of the girl's hair. Fortunately for us, this wasnt the case, and armed with modern R&B beats, some of the worlds premier producers in the field and, erm, pink hair, P!nks first album is a triumph for her.

Whats more, many of the tracks on this, her debut LP, were co-written by Ms Moore (her real name) herself. Ranging from the slow and contagious "Love Is Such A Crazy Thing" to the upbeat, modern R&B "Your Make me Sick" and the single "There You Go", this album is a definite choice for any R&B or pop fans.

Throughout the album, lyrically funny lines pop up, but the track above all others seems to be the second single, "Most Girls", produced by the highly-acclaimed Babyface and enhancing the fantastically catchy tune with an opera-y choir.

In short, if you like the singles, you'll love this album and, though there are one or two slightly less credible efforts to watch out for, the majority of tracks are of a superb standard.

* * * * (DS)

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