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Released: 28th August 2000.

Robbie Williams - Sing When You're WinningI admit I don't really like Robbie Williams. Still, I decided I'd try listening to the album without (much) prejudice. I thought, "the man's matured, "Rock DJ" wasn't too boring so let's hope for the best".

Boy was I wrong. The album is almost track by track a mid-paced monotonous rambling to unexciting melodies. If you are looking for music, you'll be disappointed by the lack of originality. If you're after lyrics - please put another CD on.

With material like "Yeah are you questioning your size? is there a tumour in your humour, are there bags under your eyes?" and the duet with Kylie Minogue "I've been looking for serial monogamy, not some bird that looks like Billy Connolly, but for now I'm down for ornithology" Robbie aims for a "most meaningless album" award.

In "Better Man", the one 'given' to Robbie by John Lennon (well, obviously!), Williams tries to be a sensitive and emotional type. He almost succeeds but some cheesy bits like "Lord I fear the cold, feel I'm getting old" make the song impossible to take seriously.

So what is an album with below-average musical content and rubbish lyrics worth? Definitely not the price of the CD. Unless you're a fan maybe, but that's your own misery. Normal people - I'm certain you'll find a better use for your money - whatever you do!

* * (Aneta Janssen)

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