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Released: 25th September 2000.

Kylie Minogue - Light Years[Disclaimer: This review was written by a long-term Kylie fan, your mileage may vary]
[Disclaimer 2: But we doubt it]

Kylie is Back! Yes, the pop princess of the late 80s and early 90s is on her umpteenth comeback, she's been pure pop, sultry sex-kitten and some sort of hybrid indie idol. But now, now she's... well, past her best, frankly.

Kylie's "Light Years" album is really nothing more than re-heated old-style Kylie, but without the innocent charm that Stock Aitken and Waterman managed to give her. Gone is the experimental stuff, the attempts at being a mini-Bjork, the Manic Street Preachers collaboration and indeed any artistic credibility.

It is perhaps a tribute to how far she has fallen that there's a duet with Robbie Williams here. Who is, after all, the Jason Donovan of modern pop.

So, what's gone wrong, why is all not rosy in the garden of Minogue? Well, at its core this is soulless music, pop from the pop factory, music by numbers, stolen themes with the serial numbers filed off. Or to put it more simply, nothing here manages to make itself heard above the noise.

The best track is "On A Night Like This" which begins to grate fairly quickly, in fact it's ironic, but not unexpected, that the songs that have made lasting impressions on me are the downright awful ones. "Disco Down" and "Your Disco Needs You" are, well, basically badly done pseudo-80s disco-esque drivel. And they are catchy, in a sort of infuriating and cheesy way. And of course, "Your Disco Needs You" is trying to recapture the "Kylie as gay icon" notion, and well... it's certainly amusing anyway.

So, overall then? An album devoid of creative merit, a triumph of style over substance. Miss Minogue, your roots are showing.

The real shame is that her last album showed signs of growing up. Of becoming more than a prissy pop princess, but no, we're right back where we started with this number. Could (and should) do better.

OK, so I've said all that. Why then am I about to rate it as a 2 and not 1? Well, in all honesty it does have the odd catchy moment, and I am humming along here. But that doesn't make a good album, just nice background noise.

* * (Stephen Moore)

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