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Released: 29th January 2001.

Dido - No AngelThe first time I heard the song, "Stan," back around October 2000, I fell in love with the female voice. After a bit of research, I found out that the voice belonged to Dido Armstrong. So out I went straight away and bought a copy of her album, "No Angel," probably the best musical decision I made in the year 2000!

After the first play, I was stunned at Dido's impeccable voice and the talent in her music. The fact that she writes or co-writes every song on the album and plays a few instruments on it, too, just blew me away!

Every single track on this album is brilliant. The mood of the album tends to stay fairly somber and mellow, with the exception of the songs, "Thank You", "Take My Hand" and "No Angel".

Stand out tracks are definitely, "Hunter", "Thank You", "No Angel", "Dear Isobel", "My Life" and "Take My Hand".

Dido's British debut single,"Here With Me," is also a very good song. But by no means, in my opinion, is it the best single to release off of the album.

Overall, this album is very slick, sophisticated and incredibly powerful. It is definitely one of the best female albums to come out since Natalie Imbruglia!

* * * * * (Rich D)

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