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Released: 20th November 2000.

Precious - PreciousYou know the odds are against you when you buy a Eurovision-famed CD, given that the majority of the oh-so-hopefuls have drifted off without so much as a goodbye. Anyone remember Dana International's "Diva" nowadays? And, though she's had more success abroad, Gina G's "Ooh, ahhs" proved to be less popular here. Nevertheless, a handful of artists with long-term success creep through now and again. Celine and Cliff are living proof of that fact.

But just how will 1999 hopefuls Precious turn out? The long-awaited release of this, their debut album, follows four singles, most of which fared less well than expected in the charts.

At first listen, this album isn't the typical Euro-pop style expected from a Eurovision contestant; far from it, in fact. Combining pop and R&B, not too dissimilar from Britney or the Spice Girls, this is as credible as most other chart acts today. "Rewind" is probably the highlight of the album, a cool mixture of strong vocals and infectious beats. The slower numbers, notably "It's Gonna Be My Way" and "Heaven With You" come off just as easily.

Of course, not all is well on the Precious front, and this is hardly going to be a favourite in a few years time. But, at least, with the potential shown here, in a few years time who knows where they'll be.

* * * (DS)

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