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Released: 27th November 2000.

Sugababes - One TouchGirl groups come and go, and here's another one to add to your collection. Only, there's a difference here. The Sugababes are, strangely enough, quite unique, and their debut single, "Overload," proved that. But this album should still stand firm throughout their careers as a fantastic LP, oozing class.

Okay, so they're not a whole new concept. In fact, the style heard here is not too dissimilar from the likes of All Saints who, unsurprisingly, are from the same record label. But there's something else here - something good - which gives them a whole new interesting sound.

The vocals are pretty fantastic, and if one thing's certain, it's that these girls weren't just put together in a hurry like so many other manufactured pop acts around at the moment. Even more promising is the fact that the girls have had a go at co-writing here, notably on the relaxed, soulful, "One Foot In."

"Same Old Story," also co-written by the girls, is a favourite on the album, and definitely one of the stronger tracks here. It has a much more rocky feel to it and has bags of attitude thrown in along the way for good measure.

If you want an original, talented girl group, look no further. This is an extremely promising start for the group and, hopefully, they'll go from strength to strength from here.

* * * * (DS)

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