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Released: 1st November 1999.

Counting Crows - This Desert LifeWow. This is one of those albums that just sounds great from beginning to end. It's really an amazing album. From seven-minute long epics that don't really change at all but still sound great ("Mrs Potters Lullaby"), to one of the best ballads ever ("Colorblind"), to MB20-style rock tunes ("Hanginaround"), to a really, really, depressing song which is just incredible ("Amy Hit The Atmosphere"), to one of the funniest, quirkiest songs ever ("St Robinson In His Cadillac Dream"), this album isn't really diverse, because it all seems to fit together perfectly.

I can't describe their style at all, but they're tons better than any of the British 'rock' bands (Travis who?), and have a unique, brilliant album in this.

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

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