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Released: 15th November 1999.

Eternal - EternalReturning with their fourth album and another member missing the newly-slimmed duo prove that, when it comes to good quality R&B music, they're one of the best acts around. Combining a blend of upbeat R&B with some of the sexiest ballads around and some soft, slow tracks, this is a definite 'thumbs-up' for the group.

It kicks off with the fantastic debut single from the album, "What'cha Gonna Do", and also includes the equally brilliant ballad "I Cry Real Tears", the extremely touching "If She Breaks Your Heart", and the gospel interlude "He Is". There's a touch of latino in the Emilio Estefan produced "Free To Live" and the stunningly brilliant "Your Love Makes Me Weak" proves that their ability to produce pop R&B hasn't died yet.

This album, at the time of release, is undoubtedly their most mature and musically challenging LP to date. What's even more impressive is the fact that the sisters co-wrote the majority of the album and, on a number of tracks, Vernie even has a go at producing. Easther is at her sexiest on the stunning "Pillow Talk" and both sisters' vocals fit perfectly together to make this a work of pure genius.

* * * * * (DS)

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