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Released: 23rd August 1999.

Santana - SupernaturalThis album's already earned nine Grammies for the band and authors. Its style is daring with a blend of rock, pop, Latin and even R&B, but in the end does it deserve all the acclaim?

Starting out with the dynamic and rich Latin sounding "Ya Le Oh", you get the first impression that some good music is being played, but you wouldn't expect what happens later. The pleasant and mellow guitars on "Love Of My Life" featuring Dave Matthews and the amazing, awarded with a Grammy, duet with Everlast, "Put Your Lights On" will make you open your mouth in awe.

"Migra" offers a good portion of energy and fabulous guitars, followed by the mega hit "Smooth", which earned three more Grammies and made the lead vocalist who co-wrote the song, Rob Thomas, one of pop rock's hottest names. One of the most outstanding tunes brings none other than Fugees' Wyclef Jean on "Maria Maria" (another Grammy) and Eric Clapton on the breathtaking "The Calling" (yeah, add another Grammy to the score!).

There are contributions from Lauryn Hill, also from the Refugee Camp; as well as Eagle-Eye Cherry, and Mana on the fabulous "Corazon Espinado". "El Farol", an instrumental ballad, proves that Santana can do truly marvelous things to his guitar, and makes the number of songs from the album awarded with a Grammy go up to five.

The overall impression is astonishing. The music I thought was great before, I found quite unexciting in comparison to this! Carlos Santana created something magical and unique, something that grabs your soul with a promise of happiness. A promise that is fulfilled when you listen to "Supernatural".

* * * * * (Aneta Janssen)

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