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Released: 1st November 1999.

Westlife - WestlifeTo be able to review this album objectively, without any prejudice, I would need to forget that a band called Boyzone ever existed, because Westlife and the group mentioned above are simply a bit too much alike.

I would need to forget that Westlife are just yet another boy band which has no originality at all, singing soppy songs and looking ridiculous in videos aimed at teen public... I would also have to forget the fact that the boys don't represent anything really, as they just sing, like many people can, that they just were there when some company decided to create another money making machine.

I would need to forget that their songs were provided by the Swedish Cheiron team, who seem to have a sack without any bottom, full of similar sounding overproduced tunes that all the rest of existing boy bands bought as well (Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, 5ive and a female solo boy band called Britney Spears). This absurd situation makes me think that maybe the Swedish are really locked up without water or food, and forced to write songs for boy bands who are aliens in reality, and invented all this to rule the Earth? (Just look how many groups like Westlife there are and how quickly they 'multiply'...)

Let's assume I can forget all this, just for a while. A while long enough to say, don't but this, the highlights that might sound pleasant for a short time, have all been released as singles, and apart from the "More Than Words", which, surprise surpise, is a cover, the rest is appallingly boring.

* * (Aneta Janssen)

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