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Released: 17th May 1999.

Backstreet Boys - MillenniumWhat can I say? This really is a truly fantastic album. I am more sceptical of boy bands than most, but once again, the Backstreet Boys have proved they're a cut above the rest.

The album starts with the excellent "Larger Than Life". With a catchy tune and superb vocals, it really kick-starts the album. The ballads, "I Want It That Way" and "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely," are both brilliant. The latter, in particular, gives the boys a chance to show off their singing talents.

Next, follows the catchy "It's Gotta Be You." The section that starts the song and reappears before each chorus is electronic and fits perfectly. From the love song, "I Need You Tonight," with a fantastic chorus, to the oriental feel of "Spanish Eyes," every song on the album is laced with quality. Surprisingly, each one has its own merits.

I couldn't recommend this album more.

* * * * * (Stephen Jones)

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