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Released: 5th July 1999.

Jennifer Lopez - On The 6This album had a lot of publicity. Most of it was because the critics found her a bad excuse for a singer as she was already actress. Nevertheless, the CD was a huge success. Was it deserved?

The opening track is "If You Had My Love", which is a great commercial Pop/R& B tune, produced by Rodney Jerkins. Then we move on by two slow slick R&B tunes to the more hip hop edged "Feelin' So Good"

Things really start kicking with the Gloria Estefan-written, "Let's Get Loud", a powerful, upbeat dance track, which was a huge hit in Europe last summer. Another highlight of the album is "No Me Ames", her amazing duet with Salsa singer Marc Anthony, which is available as a tropical remix and a ballad. It is probably the best song on the album.

Then move on to "Waiting For Tonight," which is a great catchy dance tune, however a bit repetitive. This song is also available in Spanish. The album ends with "Baila", which is also a powerful dance tune, and extremely catchy.

While "On The 6" has some great songs on it, there are, of course, a few album fillers. I have to say that R&B doesn't really fit her voice, but if her second album is as good as this one, she'll have me.

* * * * (Marvin van der Weyde)

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