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Released: 19th February 2001.

Debelah Morgan - Dance With MeA few years ago, I discovered this talented R&B diva when she released her second album, "It's Not Over", in Europe. Well, it's definitely not over, because "Dance With Me" is even better than the previous effort and it's already a huge hit in the US.

Why is this album so good then?

It starts with "Dance With Me", a Tango cover of "Hernando's Hideaway". Debelah has made a fresh pop/R&B tune out of it, with a Latin feel, so it sounds very catchy. "I Remember" is also an upbeat tune, with some hot arrangements, including the addictive guitar bits. It sounds like a potential hit.

Other stand out songs are the funky ones, "Let's Get It On", "Think Of You", sampling Mozart's Menuet (you've probably got it on your mobile!), "Take The Rain Away" which has a Mariah Carey feel to it, and "Come and Danz". The bonus track, "Fall In Love," is very pleasant too.

What's amazing about "Dance With Me" is that you can actually play it from start till the end, as all the songs are consistently good. I didn't dislike or hate one song which is a rare thing. Moreover all of them are chart bound. If this album gets enough promotion, it can be huge, as this is an instant hit.

* * * * * (Marvin van der Weyde)

Debelah Morgan.

* * * * * (DS)

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