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Released: 2nd April 2001.

LeAnn Rimes - I Need YouAlthough LeAnn had very little to do with the production of this album, it is her strong voice and pure talent that makes this a special piece. The songs have been taken from her whole career, and there is very little Country and Western style in there. It's all very much slower and more soulful. The way LeAnn can sing these is what makes you want to leave the CD in your stereo at the end of the day

A lot of people took notice of LeAnn Rimes for the first time only last year after the release of "Coyote Ugly" and "Can't Fight the Moonlight", the record of which hit top spot in late 2000 and was still in the charts into 2001. The next single is "I Need You", taken straight off the album. If you like the song, then you'll love the album. If you like "Can't Fight The Moonlight", then the album is still worth buying, albeit, no other track is quite as fast moving as it.

With the presence of "Written In The Stars", the unmistakable duet with Sir Elton John, it is not new material we are talking about here. Nor is it a "greatest hits" album, but more a "greatest works" album. If you are not to LeAnn what Stan is to Eminem, then the chances are that you would not have heard many of the songs. But if you like to get into new songs of which you can close your eyes and dream to, then you need to buy this on the day of its release.

An album of new work from LeAnn is planned for later this year. If you end up liking "I Need You", then you should seriously consider watching out for this. With less of the Country and Western, and more of the down tempo ballads, I think LeAnn Rimes is here to stay for a while yet. Watch out, Mariah! The best thing to come out of America since hamburgers is standing in the wings ready to steal your spotlight.

* * * * * (Guy Pettit)

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