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Released: 12th March 2001.

Aerosmith - Just Push PlayThey are back! I have to admit I wasn't very impressed with their last big release, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", so this new album was some kind of a mystery to me.

I can't say I'm breathless after listening to it, although it's certainly not a bad record. There are some Aerosmith classics like the hit, "Jaded," "Fly Away From Here," the charming "Avant Garden" and the closing track, "Face".

Those are, however, slower songs on the album. I'm not totally convinced by the psychedelic and modern sound of the upbeats yet, although some of them are catchy and the guys deserve a credit for trying something new and staying fresh.

Aerosmith, after releasing some true classics, have a very difficult task of living up to the high level they set up themselves. This album shows they haven't given up though. Just push >play - yes -, but you might want to push >skip now and then.

* * * (Aneta Janssen)

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