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Released: 5th March 2001.

Eric Clapton - ReptileIf you look at the CD, you will see everything your typical bestselling record these days should not be like. Eric Clapton presents you with a faded picture of a boy, and more pictures like that in the inlay. Obviously he didn't spend insane amounts of money on a photo shoot that would show how handsome he is. He didn't wear flashy clothes or tones of make up either (somehow I don't think you'd want to see him wearing that!).

He didn't hire five dozen top producers to make his record, he didn't need ten names credited for just one song and he didn't made fancy videos. Frankly I doubt any music fan will care.

'Cause you see, this album doesn't need all that. Shock, horror, it's more than good enough as it stands, with no special effects, no fireworks, no bang production to save weak melodies and lack of talent. That is because Eric Clapton doesn't have to.

The album, track by track, is music in its realness, in its essence. Every second of the music is simply good on its own. It's really impressive. This is the album you'll listen to and feel it, not only hear it.

I can't even name the standout tracks, because all of them are extraordinary. "Reptile" will just stand out in any CD collection as a very good album. Not because of the packaging, but because of its true content.

* * * * (Aneta Janssen)

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