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Released: 16th April 2001.

Emma Bunton - A Girl Like MeAfter hearing "What Took You So Long," I had to go out and buy this album. I was expecting some good pop songs, and that is what I got.

This album has 12 tracks. Most of them are written by Emma herself, which is pretty impressive for someone people think "just a Spice Girl".

The album starts of with the hit single, "What Took You So Long," and follows on with "Take My Breath Away," a lovely breezy pop tune that features a similar guitar sound to "What Took You So Long." It sounds like a contender for her next release from the album.

"A World Without You" is a tearful ballad that has a beautiful, catchy chorus that sticks in your mind straight away. There are some R&B songs on there too, "Been There Done That" and the rather catchy " She Was A Friend Of Mine."

The album has a mixture of music genres so there's bound to be something on there you like! My favourite is "We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight." It has a beautiful Latin beat to it, and, no, the title is not what you think! Emma actually means she is going out on the town with friends!

Overall, it's a good album with decent production. Well done Emma!

* * * * (Sarah Hodges)

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