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Released: 9th July 2001.

Damage - Since You've Been GoneIt's a while since they've been gone from the UK music scene, but Damage are well and truly back with a great sounding, wonderfully diverse second album.

Beginning with "The Journey," which narrates the band's story so far, the album moves through upbeat tracks like the funky (and risque!) "Good Folks," to intricately-harmonised ballads such as "Tears" and the faithful cover of Earth, Wind and Fire's "After the Love Has Gone."

There is also the Latino-influenced "Maria," a collaboration with Kele le Roc, plus, of course, the three hit singles, "Ghetto Romance," "Rumours" and "Still Be Lovin' You," as well as "I Don't Know," featuring the lady in Jade's life, Emma Bunton -

* * * * (Janet Valentine)

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