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Released: 9th April 2001.

Shaggy - Hot ShotThe man is back! If you loved "Mr Bombastic", you'll love this. "Hot Shot" is an infectionus hip hop album mixed with regga. The tracks here are dancey and full of attitude.

The opening track is the titled track, "Hot Shot", which sounds similar to "Mr Bombastic". You can hear Shaggy's charactersitic talent on "Leave It To Me" and "Freaky Girl".

But like most music fans, you'll buy the album for the two no.1 singles. "It Wasn't Me", which was just pure brilliant, is one of the biggest singles this year, with its careless attitude about sleeping with the girl next door. "Angel" is a more laid back R&B ballad.

If you're worried about buying this CD, thinking you'll only like the singles, trust me, its worth your money. Top tracks like the jumpy "Dance &Shout", will get you moving in no time.

* * * * (JamesCarter)

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