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Released: 28th May 2001.

Air - 10,000 Hz LegendYou wake up in a space lounge somewhere in the year 2030, although it's more like a 70s interpretation of the future. The room is decorated with polyester lava lamps with the rings of Saturn hovering around them. Suddenly you realise - you are in Air's new album.

The two French boys have done it again. The difference is they're out of the wonkavator and they're creating alien-human hybrids. All of this may seem peculiar, but so it is with "10,000Hz Legend".

The band have taken elements of their "Moon Safari" and "Virgin Suicides" albums, and tweaked it. With the help of acts such as Buffalo Daughter and the one and only Beck, the band help create an album that will have you running back to the repeat button.

* * * * (DasMonkey)

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