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Released: 16th July 2001.

Jessica Simpson - IrresistibleJessica Simpson proves on her second album that she is far more than another clone from Camp Britney. The songs on this album aren't instantly catchy, however, after a few listens, you'll be hooked.

The title track, which opens the album, is a fantastic pop song with a Latin tinge to it. The rest of the tracks are quite different, as they have more of an R&B flavour to them.

Jessica's voice and style have progressed since her debut album, "Sweet Kisses." She has dropped the overpowering screeching style of Mariah-esque vocals and lets her more natural voice do the work.

"Forever In Your Eyes" is a good track from the album. It has a funky base line and some nice vocals. The album also includes a duet with Latin singer Marc Anthony, and let me tell you, this is an amazing uptemo power ballad. The singers sound as though they believe what they are singing. This wouldn't be out of place as a theme song to a big Hollywood movie.

"Hot Like Fire" is Jessica's turn to try that Destiny's Child boy dissing style of song, and frankly it doesn't quite work.

On the whole, the album is more uptempo than her debut effort, but still has two or three excellent ballads. If you buy this album, give it a few listens before you make up your mind, as a lot of the songs are slow burners!

* * * * (Gerard Eskdale)

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