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Released: 23rd July 2001.

Super Furry Animals - Rings Around The WorldSuper Furry Animals really went for it this time - not only did they release a CD, but also a DVD that corresponds with it. Woo-freakin'-doo.

Let's focus on the music though. The first track, "Alternate Route To Vulcan Street," passes somehow unnoticed, but hey, things can only get better. Or not.

The single, "Juxtaposed With U," is a "Depeche Mode meet Atomic Kitten" type of song, if you can imagine such a monster. This is so middle of the road you'll be yawning, yawning and yawning.

"Run Christian Run" is a song that definitely won't make anybody run, not even Christian (whoever he might be). Imagine a song that isn't a ballad but is incredibly slow and painful to listen to. "Receptacle For The Respectable" is an upbeat track, which is a good thing, but it's not very original, which is a bad thing.

"Sidewalk Surfer Girl" would be a fairly ok track if not for the lazy singing during the chorus. Really, compared to the rest of the album this is a true highlight, along with "Presidential Suite," featuring John Cale on piano.

Have you ever heard the term "wallpaper music?" This is a perfect example. Weird song titles alone don't make interesting psychedelic music boys. Listen to some Janis Joplin and try harder next time.

* (Aneta Janssen)

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