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Released: 16th July 2001.

Foxy Brown - Broken SilenceFoxy Brown has returned in high style with her third album, "Broken Silence," featuring incredible tracks like "Fallin'," "BK Anthem" and "Hood Scriptures."

Foxy takes on more of the songwriting than she did on her previous albums, and her lyrics are honest and vindicating. The media have been cruel to Brown over the years but she's obviously surpassed her critics' expectations.

Also, for young women of color like me, this music hits home on some important levels. Other notable songs include "Oh Yeah," "Candy," "So Hot," "Saddest Day," "730" and "The Letter."

The album is over 72 minutes in length and covers a whole range of subjects, including some of Foxy's recent personal struggles. I am giving "Broken Silence" five stars because four stars would not do it justice.

* * * * * (Madame S)

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