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Released: 10th September 2001.

Louise - Changing Faces - The Best OfLouise's final album with her current record company, EMI, shows all her hits in their glory. Many artists fail to reach the end of a five album deal contract but Louise has not only managed that, but also has promised that there is more to come.

Considering all her singles have gone top 20, it shows that she has proved the press wrong and has claimed an enomous amount of single sales. There are few ballads on this album: "Light Of My Life" and "One Kiss From Heaven", but then there are more upbeat pop offerings such as "2Faced", "Lets Go Round Again", "Naked", "Undivided Love", "Beautiful Inside" and "In Walked Love" as well as the new single "Stuck In The Middle With You".

Then there are the more laidback but groovy singles, "Arms Around The World" and "All That Matters", plus three of her Eternal singles, which show the R&B side of her music ("Stay", "Just A Step From Heaven", "Oh Baby I...").

Two other brand new songs should give fans a reason to buy this release: one being yet another cover of Five Star's "The Slightest Touch", which with its massive garage/dance feel could give Louise her first No. 1 in future, and the laid back "Come And Get It" which takes Louise back to her "Woman In Me" days.

Overall, it's a fantastic pop album showing the last ten years of music wouldn't have been the same without Louise and Eternal.

* * * * * (Jamie Smith)

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