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Released: 27th August 2001.

Björk - VespertineBjork's latest release has a sound familiar with her albums previous to her diversion in "Selma Songs." Yet this album also differs from those others by its decided sweetness.

There are several standout tracks. "Hidden Place" is a track that finds itself in the beauty of its chorus, filled with strings and choir voices. "Pagan Poetry" is an epic Bjork track. Her voice shines with emotion in this song.

"Heirloom" and "It's Not Up To You" are other tracks one must hear. Those familiar with Aphex Twin will hear a striking resemblance between Bjork's ambient "Frosti" and AT's "Nannoo."

Those Bjork fans who were disappointed with "Selma Songs" will be very happy with Bjork's signature creativity on "Vespertine."

* * * * (Leighton Cash)

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