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Released: 29th October 2001.

Mis-Teeq - Lickin' On Both SidesFinally, the UK has its very own urban girl group to hold their own alongside the likes of US superstars Destiny's Child and TLC! Following the success of three Top 10 singles "Why?", "All I Want" and most recently "One Night Stand" comes a debut album full of potential hits for Sabrina, Su-Elise and Alesha.

The three singles are a good indication of the overall feel of the album, spanning the genres of UK garage and R&B with confidence and style. With pure quality running through the entire LP, this debut is void of fillers. Each track manages to stand out on its own merit, making it difficult to predict future singles. Personal favourites include the Blacksmith party tune "Roll On"; R&B/garage hybrid "Be With Me"; So Solid Crew duet "They'll Never Know"; and the powerful strings and hard beats of "Stamp Reject".

The girls put on a great performance, particularly Sabrina with her impressive lead vocals / rapping skills and Alesha with that unmistakable talent for MCing. However, poor Su-Elise is greatly overshadowed by the talent of the other two and can barely be heard. Also responsible for this polished debut is the production from several well known producers including Ignorants, Mushtaq, So Solid and Sunship; each bring their own individual style, creating a real variety of urban sounds. And, as a limited edition, the album comes with a bonus disc of wicked remixes of "All I Want" and "One Night Stand".

For a debut album this is an incredible achievement, serving up huge amounts of talent and panache. Whether you're into garage, R&B or urban pop, you're sure to enjoy it, and this is one reason why "Lickin' On Both Sides" is destined to be a massive hit. If this is only the beginning, Mis-Teeq are going to take the world by storm!

* * * * * (CJB)

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