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Released: 16th July 2001.

Aaliyah - AaliyahAfter the tragic death of the multi-talented young singer, it seems that Aaliyah's music is finally being appreciated in this country. "Aaliyah" is already one of the most important R&B albums of the past decade, leaving wannabes far behind.

By listening to the album we are taken through a truly inspirational journey of life. Aaliyah's stlye has not been sold out to the mainstream, it holds its own mixing rock, pop, soul, blues and hip-hop combined with her distinct whispy vocals.

The album opens with the powerful "We Need A Resolution". This song truly does show a darker, moodier side to Aaliyah, allowing her vocals to be shown off more than previous songs such as "If Your Girl Only Knew". Other highlights include the fantastic "I Can Be", this song is all about Aaliyah being 'the other woman'and her alluring vocals combined with a sexy guitar riff can not be argued.

The sensual "Rock The Boat" is perfect for summer evenings, it is not overpowering like Mariah or Whitney material, simply subtle and sophisticated, with multi-layering harmonies. The piano led "I Care For U" is simply a beautiful love song about undying love, sung with such meaning and beauty that it is impossible to fault.

The album also includes the Top five smash "Try Again" and the No. 1 "More Than A Woman".

To cut this review short - Aaliyah has created one of the most stunning albums I have ever heard.

* * * * * (Chris Weller)

As R&B is getting more and more mainstream (read: mediocre), there's always a high risk that any new release of 2001 will be an artistic mistake.

Aaliyah's always been a pioneer in the urban field, a trend-setter, with "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number", "One In A Million" and most recently with her musical contribution to the "Romeo Must Die" soundtrack and the massive "Try Again".

This third studio release doesn't fail to continue the stream of quality and originality, as "Aaliyah" astonishes with new ways of performance and production.

Gems like the first single, "We Need A Resolution", "More Than A Woman" and "Read Between The Lines" will most certainly get you moving, while the darker but delicate slower numbers such as "Never No More", "I Care 4 U" and "I Refuse" will leave you with your mouth open as they take you to the little worlds captured in each story.

"Aaliyah" is an inspirational mix of strenght and tenderness in an unforgettable form.

* * * * * (Aneta Janssen)

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