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Released: 7th May 2001.

I guess for the moment being, this album, "Elevator Tourist," is the closest a band can get to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Starting with the paranoid android Marvin's fave, "Every Match Must Crash and Burn," you're somewhere in Seedling's basement.

But with happy tunes, "Sensational Vacuum," "Sick Boy Sound Man" and "27 hours," you're back in The Heart of Gold spaceship and anything improbable might happen any second, starting now... Without prior warning they dive back into the cellar from this rooftop of happy tunes.

"High on the downside" is most probably what you would feel like flying, or in other words throwing yourself at the floor and missing the ground. It is the intro for a song called "Malice," starting as a New Acoustic Movement thing (with mainly guitar and vocals by Marg van Eenbergen). It evolves with bass guitar (Bas Jacobs) and violin (Susanne Linssen) joining in.

Towards the end, the drums (Mariken Smit) decide to smash the jolly NAM to pieces in what can be seen as a Mogwaian eruption, but... Seedling knows to draw a line, which gives you a strange feeling of just not reaching your peak.

Or is it all irony these Dutchies pass onto us with a line such as, "It is not that I mean to scare you, I just look good with machine guns" (in: "Cool Baby My Hips Go Woo"). Irony I say? Why? Because after a little break they suddenly end the album with a country song on the World's End.

I lost myself completely in Seedling's Galaxy of songs. I hope they don't visit any more planets, as that would make them far just Gold!!!

* * * * (Astrid de Kooning)

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