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Released: 28th May 2001.

Unless you're related to him, you probably won't have heard of him before. You may well never hear of him again - unless you go out and buy what is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Paul Fisher, a singer-songwriter from Haydon Bridge in Northumberland, has not had massive success just yet. Indeed this album was recorded in an attic in Chester Le-Street! His style is a blend of indie and folk, and whilst acoustic, he is much more than a "Quiet is the New Loud" bandwagon jumper. He supported Matthew Jay on the Newcastle leg of his tour.

The album charts major developments in someone's life right from the time of conception through to them going in to a hospice at the end of it all. The tracks logically follow on from one another, both in theme and in style.

First comes a song about conception - "Kennedy's Pond" - A beautiful instrumental track with a haunting vocal la-ing over the top which gradually builds into a stunning opening for the album. Then a song on the womb theme - "I'll Be Born" - undoubtedly one of the album's highlights which, after a few listens, makes you want to sing along to the "I hear you breathe?" chorus.

There follows songs on parenthood, sexuality, penance, holiday and malaise. The latter of these

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