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Released: 5th November 2001.

Natalie Imbruglia - White Lillies IslandNatalie's back! And it's about flippin' time too!

We have waited four years for her return and finally Natalie Imbruglia graces us with "White Lillies Island", an Indie inspired low key album. I say low key because it hasn't been promoted very much, and to be honest, I don't think it's going to do as well as her debut "Left Of The Middle".

After hearing the album for the first time I was quite surprised at how different it was to the debut. Natalie has spent time writing the songs and (clearly) perfecting her already fantastic vocal performance. The songs on "White Lillies Island" sound mellow as Imbruglia seems somehow more content with herself.

"That Day" was a good choice for a single but not a good indication of what the album is like. Natalie has decided to slow the pace as there's only four up-tempo tracks on the CD, which isn't a bad thing, at least for someone who has always preffered tracks like "Smoke" and "Pigeons And The Crumbs" to "Big Mistake" and "Wishing I Was There".

However the spark that was there on her debut seems to be lacking here and those who are expecting a repeat of the previous album are going to be disappointed. Also, I was expecting more of the rockier tracks as well as another "Smoke", my favourite song of all time. The closest you get is the eerie "Goodbye" or the acoustic "Talk In Tongues".

Lyrically the album is brilliant, strange yet beautiful, especially in moments like "swallow purple terror candy, dont forget to breathe" and "child be still, in the storm to wave us goodbye, child we will, return to dance with the sky".

Most indie/pop lovers will enjoy this album as after the third listen it has already gained a high entry in my "Albums of the year" chart. Stand out tracks include: "That Day (Moment Of Clarity)", "Beauty On The Fire", "Do You Love", "Sunlight" and "Talk In Tongues".

* * * * (Hdboi)

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