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Released: 5th November 2001.

Britney Spears - BritneyBritney's anxiously awaited third release, "Britney", is a mostly well-made album, with both good and bad sides.

"I'm A Slave 4 U", Britney's first single that has surprised many listeners, including her fans, is a song that was composed with the help of The Neptunes, and has an R&B feel to it.

"Overprotected", the Dido-written "Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" (set to be the second single) and "I Run Away" are beautiful ballads, perfect for Britney's voice.

On the other hand, the much talked about "What It's Like To Be Me", a song written by Britney's boyfriend Justin Timberlake from 'NSync, is a failure as a ballad, as is extremely disappointing compared to the other ones.

"I Love Rock 'N' Roll" is a cover of the Joan Jett's hit and is a definite grower, which shows Britney's attempt at rock music, with an OK result. "Lonely" is a mid-tempo, and another of Britney's attempts at R&B along with rock, and is far better than "I'm A Slave 4 U" or "I Love Rock 'N' Roll".

"Cinderella"; "Let Me Be" and "When I Found You", all personal favourites, represent the upbeat side of "Britney". The star performance though is "Anticapating", a wonderful disco/pop number, well worth listening to.

There are some downsides on the album as well. They come in the form of "Bombastic Love" and "Boys". The former sounds like something taken straight from a Shaggy album, as is mostly raeggae with a slight pop attitude. As for "Boys", it's Britney's failing attempt at hip-hop, which is unsuitable to her voice, to say the least.

All in all, it's a quite good album, far better and more diverse than "Oops! I Did It Again".

* * * * (Tiger)

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