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Released: 5th November 2001.

All Saints - All HitsThe Saints have left the music scene (as a group anyway - solo and duo projects are in the works) and you know what that means: a "Greatest Hits" album of course!

Normally I like buying such albums - it's cheap, convient and a very compact way of listening to your favorite artist's music without having to plunk down a lot of money. However, there's a bit of a catch; it only works well if the artist in question has released more than two albums!

That's not to say the music on the album is by any means bad. The sound quality is excellent and many of the songs are remixes, rather than the same old versions on the orginal albums. As an added bonus both Mel and Shaz's solo singles are there as well ("Twentyfourseven" and "I Feel You", respectively).

However, I have to wonder why the Appleton sisters weren't given a chance to plug their new single as well - it would have been better if they were on it, rounding out the whole group. Also, if you are a hardcore All Saints fan, you'll probably own some (but more likely) all of these remixes, so buying the album is pretty worthless. But hey, if you're hardcore you'll do it anyhow.

All in all, a great gift for someone who needs an introduction to the Saints (but really, who does?) or for the obsessive fan who's been collecting their music since Mel and Shaz were a duo. Everyone else - just skip it.

* * * * (Nicole von Trapp)

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