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Released: 1st October 2001.

Victoria Beckham - Victoria BeckhamIt seems a little sad that people have dismissed Posh Spice's solo career before it has even started - although after a few more single releases, "Victoria Beckham" is destined to be a big seller. This is because, unlike any solo Spice effort to date, there are no fillers on this album and every track could technically be a hit single.

Here is a track by track review....

Such An Innocent Girl
Whoever advised Victoria to release this as the debut cut from her self-titled album must have been >out of there mind! This is arguably the blandest track on the album - although still had the potential to be a hit single.

A Mind Of Its Own
This is going to be the next release from the album and going on first listens it should be a big hit. This is a funky slice of R&B Pop and a little bit different to what you may have heard from the other spicies before...

That Kind Of Girl
I personally don't like this number - I think this is the worst track on the album. It's too sickly sweet, and the lyrics are similar to something Mariah would do at her corniest. Although this is Victoria's favourite track from her album and, unfortunately, is likely to be a future single.

Like That
From the worst track on the album to the best track on the album. This is a funky R&B/Garage slice of brilliance. It's very American, and you could seriously imagine this being released by Destiny's Child or Pink. This >has to be a single.

This was the track that was co-written by Dane Bowers

* * * * (Matthew Jackson)

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