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Released: 5th November 2001.

Toni Braxton - SnowflakesThe beginning of the first song, "Holiday Celebrate", makes you think this is a traditional song with the bells' sounds, but it is another mid-tempo song by the diva Toni Braxton, with her sister Tamar Braxton singing the background.

The song takes you to the holiday spirit and the fun spirit with "we're gonna go insane.. dance in snowy rain, even drink champagne" lyrics, to the next uptempo "Christmas In Jamaica" featuring the hot shot star Shaggy. They are having fun under the golden sun in Jamaica, where you hear Toni's refreshing vocals singing the background perfectly.

Although these songs take us to the fun holiday spirit, "Snowflakes Of Love", the breathtaking number takes us to Toni's world with her Great Smooth Voice. Toni knows what to sing and how to sing on a holiday album, which shows in "This Time Next Year".

Toni made these eleven tracks her own by singing them in her own style and being original. "Snowflakes" is an unforgetable album not only for Christmas time, but for any holiday.

* * * * * (Ibrahim)

What else can we expect from the most talented and passionate R&B singer of our time? The concepts are very clever and the beats are mad tight, especially on the uptempo songs, such as "Holiday Celebrate" and the "Christmas In Jamaica", featuring Shaggy.

"Snowflakes Of Love" is simply beautiful, with the orchestra perfectly arranged. Also, Toni's versions of traditional Christmas songs, such as "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" and "Christmas Time Is Here", are enhanced with her own personal touch, which makes this a definitely different Christmas album.

Toni's voice is still as mesmerizing as ever, and naturally my rating of this album is biased because of the fact that I am one of Toni's biggest fans. However, from the perspective of a music lover, this album is indeed well put togther. Great work.

* * * * (Braxtino)

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