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Released: 5th November 2001.

The Corrs - Best OfThe Corrs have sold over 25 million albums worldwide, so no-one can deny they are very successful and very popular, but are their >greatest hits any good?

All the singles from "Talk on Corners" and "In Blue" are here along with "Radio", from "MTV Unplugged", and a few crackers from the debut "Forgiven Not Forgotten". They range from the classic No. 1 "Breathless", the superb (and my personal favourite) "Radio", the infectious "So Young" to the title track from their first studio album.

These songs show why they've sold loads of albums. They're all catchy and radio friendly and you can't help singing along.

The Celtic feel of the tracks which didn't get released as singles is missing, as this is a CD of mainly pop songs, but no music fan would be disappointed. Anyone who's thought about buying a Corrs album, but never got around to it could do much worse than to buy this, as it is one CD with all the hits in one place. So far so good, isn't it?

I am a fan of the Corrs, however I really do think this is premature. They've released three studio albums and one unplugged disc - not enough for a greatest hits collection! I can't help but think that if they'd only waited until a couple more albums had been made, there would be so many more hits to put together.

And seeing as I already own their 4 previous releases, I see no point it actually getting my own copy as I already have all but two of the songs. The two new songs (I think maybe 4 or 5 new tracks would have been fairer) are good, but not excellent and not worth paying £10 to have.

However, whether this should have been released at this point in their career or not, the music is what matters for the ultimate buyer, and the music on this CD is brilliant.

* * * * (Richie Clarke)

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