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Released: 12th November 2001.

Gabrielle - Dreams Can Come True - Greatest Hits Vol.1Three albums, ten top ten hits and eight years since debut single "Dreams" comes the first of what will hopefully become a collection of Greatest Hits from the UK's premiere soul diva. All 15 singles are here, some popular classics and others lost in the vaults of time but Gabrielle has consistantly made quality music and this is why amongst an overflow of >Best Of releases, "Dreams Can Come True" stands out as one of the most essential to add to your collection.

What's surprising here is the fact that although this is a compilation, the album is extremely cohesive. This is mainly due to the Motown style of production which appears on a great deal of songs spanning the length of Gabrielle's career; it's obvious where her influences lie.

There are some huge hits included, namely number 1 singles "Dreams" and "Rise" as well as the East 17 collaboration "If You Ever" and Bridget Jones' Diary theme "Out Of Reach". It's also nice to rediscover some of the forgotten gems like "Going Nowhere", "Because Of You" and the cover of Dione Warwick's "Walk On By".

* * * * (Craig "CJ" Bethel)

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