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Released: 26th November 2001.

Anastacia - Freak Of NatureHot on the heels of the bucket load selling "Not That Kind" comes the second album from the American diva.

Let's get straight to the point, the album is excellent and Anastacia has grown immensely since her first offering. Here is a track by track review:

Freak Of Nature
The title track has one of the funniest (and coolest) intros I've heard in a long time - you'll have to listen to believe it. It refers to Anastacia's distinctive voice and record companies' inability to sign her up as they couldn't define her style - hence the >freak of nature!

Paid My Dues
This is one of the stand out tracks. It was the first single and peaked at a respectable No. 14.

Overdue Goodbye
Cue the guitars! This is where we can start to see that production and Anastacia's writing skills have improved (she co-wrote >all the songs on this album)

You'll Never Be Alone
This is the first ballad and it isn't too bad either! Anastacia's voice was made for powerful songs like this, and it really works!

One Day in Your Life
This is going to be the next single and is another one the stand out tracks. This song is the most similar to the breakthrough hit "I'm Outta Love", therefore it has the opportunity to do well.

How Come the World Won't Stop
Not my favourite song on the album but not a bad one either.

Why'd You Lie to Me?
This was on the US version of "Not That Kind" and when you hear this you'll see why Europe has got its chance to listen to it after all.

Don'tcha Wanna
I listen to this song and think it should be good, but for some reason I don't really like it. Maybe it's a grower...

I think this is probably the worst song on the album. It's just a bit bland I'm afraid.

Don't Stop (Doin' It)
Excellent stuff. It's fast, catchy and everything a pop song should be. I hope it will be released as a single!

I Dreamed You
Now this certainly is the best ballad since "I Ask Of You" from the debut album, "Not That Kind".

This album proves Anastacia deserves to be where she is today and hopefully she'll be around for a while. With a voice that is different and a record that is just what the charts need, she should be proud of herself. Hopefully with subsequent single releases, this album will get the top ten chart position it deserves.

* * * * (Richie Clarke)

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