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Released: 1st October 2001.

Kylie Minogue - FeverAfter the disco pop grooves of "Light Years" comes "Fever", with more of the fabulous mixture of songs that made the previous album. Other than the hit, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", there is more to look out for.

Starting with "More More More", an addictive disco pop tune, not totally dissimiliar to "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". Next up, there's "Love At First Sight", another top pop tune well worth listening to. "Fever", a personal favourite, is an upbeat pop number guaranteed to get you dancing, and singing along.

"Give It To Me" is kind of slower but manages to be successful among the rest, while "Come Into My World" is a stand-out. "In Your Eyes", the second single off "Fever", is not a bad track either. "Dancefloor" is bound to be a hit, if it is released, as it's one of the best tracks on the album. "Love Affair", is a tantalizing number, sure to get you humming along.

The bad sides of this album are "Fragile" and "Burning Up"; they are extremely badly made tracks, that I hope will not be released as singles in the future.

All in all, this is a great album to buy, one of the highlights of the year, and is sure to grace the charts with hits for weeks to come. "Fever" sure has got me good!

* * * * (Tiger)

Stiking you with one of the most unfortunate cover images ever ("don't have ... big enough so I'll show my ... instead"), the CD of the Australian soap-actress-turned-perfomer brings a collection of songs that can almost compete with aging Cher's attempts at the young audience.

Hearing "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" just about everywhere; radio, TV and even people around me mentioning damn Kylie all the time - that can get anyone slightly fed up, but since I've been given this album by mistake (honest), I have decided to put any prejudice aside and focus on reviewing the content.

If you're looking for a variation of rhythm, you'd better forget about this album. The oomcha-oomcha-oomcha-oomcha seems to never change, maybe with one exception. As a European citizen I should probably be ashamed of the existence of the genre vastly represented by this album, namely, the infamous Euro-disco, but there really are bigger problems in the world than this.

The lyrics are full of cliches Britney would be too embarrased to include on her album, and it would be best if they were omitted completely, along with most of Kylie's digitally unprocessed vocals (that especially spoil "More More More").

So is there really nothing at all good about this album?

Surprise, surprise, there is light at the end of the tunnel if you're patient enough. It takes the form of the dreamy and slightly more obscure (read: interesting), "Fragile", in which the singer doesn't try doing with her voice something she obviously can't.

"Love At First Sight" sounds like S Club 7-meet-Modjo, and in its simplicity it's quite pleasant with the impeccable production. The highlight is probably the title track though, "Fever", as it has a complexity no other song on this album even comes close to, and makes a nice change rhythm-wise.

The 1980s-inspired production is a definite improvement over the 1970s-sounding "Light Years" and it does not sound out of place throughout the album, saving a handful of fillers, although not quite the godawful "Love Affair".

The conclusion is the following: if you can program your CD player you will find it quite rewarding listening to the selection of songs, but don't expect this album as a whole to give you any fever.

* * * (Aneta Janssen)

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