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Released: 26th November 2001.

S Club 7 - SunshineThe S Clubbers have always been fun and bright with a huge dose of sparkles and smiles with each single. Could that formula last and prove fruitful for their brand new album, "Sunshine" (originally titled "S"), as well?

Keeping some elements from the past two albums, the kids haven't changed their style too much, just enough to satisfy their musical tastes while making sure their loyal fans remain content, yet surprised, with the next offering.

Motown, a style that became popular for the group when "Reach" and the second album "7" were released, has not been forgotten here, just skimmed off a little with only two tracks featuring the 1960s feel. Those being "It's Alright" and

* * * * * (Lachlan Sutherland)

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