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Released: 28th January 2002.

Pink - MissundaztoodPink was probably the most promising female artist to emerge from the US in 2000. But those of you who are expecting "Can't Take Me Home" part two will be in for a pleasent suprise.

Although she sticks to her pop/R&B formula on excellent tracks, like "Get The Party Started" and "Respect", she also tries a more rock-based sound.

"Don't Let Me Get Me' is the strongest of these which has class lines ("I'm tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears!"), and a catchy chorus. But this does not man she's gone all >rock chick on us. She has still kept the deep and meaningfull ballads which are absolutely beautiful.

If you thought that "Can't Take Me Home" was excellent, then you'd better be prepared to be blown away!

* * * * * (DS)

Welcome back Alicia Moore aka Pink. I must admit that I bought this album out of curiosity, as I had her last one, "Cant Take Me Home", and though it was OK, I grew out of it pretty fast. "Lady Marmalade" reminded me of how much I liked her vocals, so I decided to give the new album a go.

It's was a surprise. The forthcoming single, "Get The Party Started", is OK but for some reason sounds a bit too much like Geri Halliwell for my liking. However the rest of the album is great.

The title track "Missundaztood" is a catchy little number which is a good opener to the album. The songs "Dont Let Me Get Me" and "Just Like A Pill" are really catchy little tunes which I found instantly likable. Then there's the more humorous, R&B/Hip-Hop inspired "Respect" and "Numb", which are really well written. One of the lines on "Respect" is great, it goes like this: "When I pass you in a club, ooh la la you gasp, back off boy, i aint your toy, or your piece of a**!"

You have your bluesy/rock tracks such as "Misery" with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, which I don't particularly like. Then come the more serious slower songs, such as "Dear Diary", "My Vietnam", "Lonely girl" and one of the best R&B tracks I've heard for quite a while, "Family Portrait", a really sad account of split families.

To sum up, it's a really good album, it excels her last attempt and succeeds in mixing a range of styles. There are only a couple of tracks here that I'm not sure of yet.

If you liked Pink's first effort, then "Missundaztood" should be perfect for you.

* * * * (Hdboi)

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