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Released: 5th November 2001.

Pink Floyd - Echoes: The Best Of Pink FloydSince I purchased Pink Floyd's "Echoes" last week, I haven't taken it out of the CD player yet. The selection of tracks for the album must have been difficult, considering the amount of material to choose from. Any Floyd fan has their own favourites, so everyone could be potentially disappointed.

The musical content flows well and the older material has been well adapted to this new release. The high number of classics is bound to get anybody addicted to this album. Plus as a double CD at over 2.5 hrs long, it is definitely good value for money.

The record label did their best to offer fans a decent release, as you'll find lyrics and brief track history enclosed.

It's a nice little package, that makes me anticipate "Echoes 2". This compilation is ideal for Pink Floyd fans and those who would like to get into the band.

* * * * (steve)

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