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Released: 3rd December 2001.

Mariah Carey - Greatest HitsIt's always hard to listen to a Mariah Carey CD objectively, without any prejudice about her personal life, or what the media write about her. Believe it or not, I did it this time.

It's not hard to see why she has such a huge fanbase. Her songs always manage to get your attention, even though it is in the wrong way sometimes.

Disc One starts with her debut single, "Vision Of Love", which is a soulful pop song, and a definite classic. The upbeat R&B/Pop number, "Emotions", is also on there, which seems to be one of the best upbeat tracks she has ever released. But Mariah is best known for her ballads like "Hero", "Without You" and the highlight of Disc One, "I'll Be There". So far so good.

Let's move onto Disc Two, which starts with her classic duet with Boyz II Men, "One Sweet Day". The upbeat tracks "Always Be My Baby" and "Heartbreaker" are also fantastic, so are the more recent ballads, "Thank God I Found You" and "Can't Take That Away". While the funky "Honey" and "Sweetheart", along with the ballads "Butterfly" and "My All", are good, they seem a bit pale among the noble company of other, much greater hits.

Let's consider "When You Believe", the much hyped duet with Whitney Houston, as one of the highlights of the album. "I Still Believe" is OK, but could have been better. The definite downside of this album is the remix of "All I Want For Christmas". Mariah is getting more Urban all the time, so she has done a lot of those remixes that simply don't do her justice.

As a whole the CDs are not bad, however they form a proof of how Mariah is going downhill, especially since CD1 is much better than CD2. Everybody who slept the last ten years, this CD should keep you informed of what's been going on on Planet Pop.

* * * * (Marvin van der Weyde)

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